45 Road Club is a cycling club based on the boundaries of Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.
We welcome riders of all ages, all abilities!

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we welcome new members

A long-established cycling club, 45 Road Club is open to new members and promises a warm welcome. Whether you are riding with a view to maintain or improve your general fitness, to enjoy a cycle tour or to race, you will find members in the club with your interests ...

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to find out more

To see what we are up to on a week-by-week basis, please look at the 45 Road Club Events page on Facebook

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New website coming

This is a temporary web presence as we are in the process of moving servers as part of the ongoing evolution of the club. Below, though, you will find some essential contacts, so that in the interim there is a way to speak to us!

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Things We Get Asked ...

Why, What, When, Where?


Why 45RC?

The club traces its roots back quite some way, to a time when cycling clubs were often called by rather opaque names - "Corinthian" or "Paragon", "Mitre" or "Nomads" being some of the odder ones. Road Club or "RC" was more descriptive and preferred over "CC" for Cycling Club as CC was sometimes misinterpreted as Cricket Club. The A45 was one of the roads most frequently used for competition by members of the fledgling club at the time, so it all made sense ...


What's with the strange codes for time trial courses?

In the early 20th century, massed racing on the roads was illegal - even simple timed competition was frowned upon. Hence, course codes were evolved that described the course location and distance - but only for those in the know! This persists as one of UK cycling's odder traditions, to this day.


When was the club set up?

A little poetic licence with the exact year, here - but the club dates back to the 1950s, the exact date being to some extent lost in the mists of time. Not as old as some but it's been around long enough to have established a solid reputation as a promoter of events, both social and competitive.


Where do we meet?

We have a couple of regular gathering spots for riders who want to participate in the "Club Run" rides - one is on the B573, Great Doddington in Northants, the other a few km away, at the junction of Whiston Road and Station Road, not far from Grendon. See the Facebook page for details.

Contact Us

Let’s talk!

If you'd like to get in touch with the club, please call, sms or WhatsApp 07533 129 435, or send us an email here. The contacts all route to our chairperson, who'll direct your question or comment to the best person in the club to deal with it, if they can't answer your question themself.