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We have been asked several times about our environmental policies in the past, and about those of Campagnolo SRL.

We can't really comment on what Campagnolo do, but having visited their factory & watched their working practices, we feel confident in our own minds that they take good care of their local environment and their workforce.

For ourselves, we can be far more specific:

In keeping with the generally environmentally benign nature of bicycles when they are in use, Velotech Cycling Ltd follows the practices outlined below.

  • We use as much recycled packing material as practical. Whilst some might consider this to be penny-pinching and detrimental to our image, in our view using a new jiffy bag, say, when we open a whole stack of jiffy bags every week, seems wasteful on many levels. New packaging requires the consumption of both energy and raw materials, and if we don't re-use packaging, in general it has to go for landfill, consuming still more energy to get it to a landfill site. Landfill locations are becoming harder to find, and are rendered toxic for many years, quite apart from their aesthetic impact on the landscape.

  • We recycle as much metal as we can from the workshop.

  • We recycle as much paper and card as we can from our offices and workshop. In this age of electronic communication and the theoretical possibility for a truly paperless office, it's ironic when one considers the amount of paper businesses both consume and have to dispose of.

  • We refill our printer ink cartridges werever we can.

  • We try to use public transport where practical.

  • We try and use energy-saving lighting wherever we can.

  • We apply all of the relevant environmental legislation with regard to the disposal of oils and greases, rubber, plastics and other environmentally toxic materials.

  • We strongly support bicycle (and all other) recycling schemes!